Delphy Ghana

In Ghana, Delphy implements knowledge mainly in the area of protected horticulture. In Dawhenya we have established a 5000m2 demonstration greenhouse centre where we explore the possibilities for lowland greenhouse cultivation.

Delphy Ghana can support you with:

• Advice to growers, farmers, and breeders.
• Implementation of cultivation concepts;
• Provision of (customized) trainings;
• turnkey project development
• Operational management

Projects Delphy Ghana

Tailor Made Training: “Ghana’s food of tomorrow. Modern technology and practical skills to develop horticultural education for farmers and young entrepreneurs.’
Funded by Nuffic
Partner: Agri Impact Consult

Impact Cluster: “Taylor made greenhouses for Ghana”
Funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and RVO

Taylor Made Training: Restoration Agriculture and Agroforestry in Northern Ghana
Funded by Nuffic
Partner: Verbos Academy, Soil & More, Jos Willemsen.

West Africa Greenhouse – Demonstration centre
West Africa Greenhouse has been established by Ghanaian and Dutch partners, in close cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy in Accra. To enable the Ghanaian horticulture sector to take advantage of current demographic trends, we aim to address issues such as poor infrastructure, outdated technology and high costs of farm inputs. By investing in seeds and technology and sharing the lessons learned in more than fifty years of greenhouse horticulture expertise, we support emerging farmers that want to take the next step and move to commercial farming.
West Africa Greenhouse offers greenhouse solutions in various degrees of sophistication. The local Ghanaian community is at the centre of all our activities. Our adaptive designs and tailor-made greenhouses are developed to work in the local context, using local constructions and local materials.

Acquiring new technologies and structures is one step, using the data and technology to improve yields is the next. That is why training and advising is an important part of this project. We promise to develop knowledge related to the local circumstances and to implement this knowledge through training, consultancy and start up new (greenhouse) projects.
In our demo centre we offer fresh products, turn key greenhouse projects as well as trainings for farmers and investors. Visit our demo centre to see what our consortium partners offer. Greenhouses, tunnels, seeds, irrigation equipment, climate computers, organic pets control, knowledge and consultancy, and much, much more. Here we can work together on creating solutions that fit local climate challenges and economic demands.