team: Staf

13 December 2016

Delphy launches new corporate movie!

The concepts of ‘knowledge development’ and ‘knowledge implementation’ are the core activities of Delphy and are therefore reflected in the movie. The combination of the two have been visualized in our so called ‘ knowledge circle’. (see the attachment). Within this circle it is now visible that knowledge development and knowledge implementation are set in […] Read more…

12 January 2016

Delphy is the new name of DLV Plant – GreenQ!

Over the last couple of year DLV Plant has grown significantly and developed many new activities. The merging of DLV Plant and GreenQ, combined with our increased activities and the changing market conditions was the reason for our new name: Delphy! In classical antiquity “Delphi” was the place where people met with questions about crops, […] Read more…