The sustainable tasty tomato cultivated with 100% LED light

This trial is a demonstration of a cultivation with 100% Led light and with an efficiënt use of water, energy and heat. Growing with LED light fits wel within the future perspective of a sustainable horticulture and it directly achieves a saving on the input of electricity.

In the last season a production of 38.7 kg/m2 was achieved with a gas consumption of 32.7 m3/m2.

In addition to the goals with energy and production there is also an experiment with two nutritional recipes in this cultivation. One recipe aims to improve the taste by increasing sodium, chlorine and sulphate and by reducing nitrogen and calcium.


Technique cultivation: Tomato
Nett surface: 936 m Variety: Juanita
Roof top: Diffuse glass Substrate: Exact air Cultilène
Light shield: OBSCURA 9950 FR W 1,20 x 0,15 x 0,1 m
Energy screen: Luxous 1347 FR Graft method: Grafted and topped plant
Diffuse screen: New harmony 2315 O FR Juanita on DR0141TX
LED lighting: 210 µmol/m2 Start cultivation: August 17th 2017
Trituna measuring system End of cultivation: July 2018


DurationAugust 2017 - July 2018