Sustainable cultivation concept in lighted Tomato

Goal: ·       Contribution to the transition to a fossil free horticulture
Variety: ·       Merlice (grafted topped) on Maxifort
Plant date: ·       11 August 2018
Lighting: ·       115 µmol/m2/s Son-t
  ·       52 µmol/m2/s LED top light
  ·       60 µmol/m2/s LED in between light
Glass: ·       Albarino Ultra low Haze, 2AR; (for maximum light in winter)
Screening: ·       Luxous 1147 FR (energy screen)
  ·       Harmony 1615 O FR (diffuse)
  ·       Obscura 9950 Fr (emission of light)
Active dehumidification: ·       AVS-C 5000 (Van Dijk Heating) for harvesting produced moisture and heat in winter
Substrate: ·       Small volume of substrate slab excisting out of fiber of wood
Contact Person Trial: ·       Lisanne Helmus – Schuddebeurs
Project managerLisanne Helmus - Schuddebeurs