Screening for an optimal sustainable strawberry cultivation

The goal of this trial is to make a more sustainable strawberry cultivation and to optimize crop growth and crop development. The focus points are:

  • Creating a balanced crop referring to plant load and assimilation.
  • Appearance with resulting quality by screen usage.
  • Energy saving by adapting cultivation strategy using technology.

Although strawberry is a crop that grows relatively cold, peak consumption in winter can still reach > 1 m3/m2. Applying the knowledge of ‘Next Generation Growing’ can further enhance strawberry cultivation and further optimize crop growth and development. Through a greenhouse display with a clear energy screen and a Harmony screen, the growth climate can be optimized by avoiding two-screen at night, more insulation throughout the day with the bright energy screen in winter and in the summer the Harmony screen can be used in conjunction with atomization to prevent moisture stress on sunny days and optimize photosynthesis. Furthermore, the plant load, which plays an important role, is being balanced by applying a lightweight temperature strategy and good monitoring of the flower plant in Autumn. No minimum pipe is used, and vertical fans use a high RH around the crop to promote pollen quality and thus improving the setting.

Technique Cultivation:  Strawberry
Nett surface: 910 m Variety: Elsanta
Clear energy screen: Luxous 1147 FR Start cultivation: August 8th 2017
Climate screen: Harmony 2315 O FR End of cultivation: June 2018
Lighting: Flowering bulbs
Vertical ventilators



Project managerLisanne Schuddebeurs
ClientKas als Energiebron
DurationAugust 2017 - June 2018
Related teamsTeam Soft Fruit
Delphy Improvement Centre (Horticulture)
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