Next Generation Growing Lisianthus

The objective of this project is to demonstrate a sustainable cultivation system for lisianthus combination with a good production. To achieve this, there are different systems tested in this project to grow out of the soil to reduce the emission of nutrients and pesticides. A distinction is made between the substrates: Clay and different coco peat compositions. The focus lies on a full-field system in which watering takes place through drippers.

As a reference from the 2015 test, there is first variant with the coco peat gutter system heritage in combination with a floor, and also the clay is watered using the ebb and flood system. Additionally, the effect of additional exposure is tested on the branch weight and the growing speed. This is done by setting up the greenhouse with two different lighting levels: maximum 140 µmol and up to 210 µmol. In 2016, four crops will be performed at the Improvement Centre to test the capabilities of the various systems and lighting strategies.

Cultivation: Lisianthus
Variety: Rosita
Start project: January 2016
End project: December 2016.

Parties Involved
•    Kas als Energiebron
•    Glastuinbouw Waterproof
•    Erfgoed
•    Van Egmond
•    Florensis
•    Cultilene
•    Knowledge Cooperation Lisianthus