The BEST4SOIL project will build a community of practice network across Europe by inter-connecting growers, advisers, educators and researchers. Through this network, knowledge ready for practice on 4 best practices for the control of soilborne diseases (compost/organic amendments; green manures/cover crops; anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD); and (bio)solarisation) will be promoted. Open-access databases with information on the range of pathogens affecting host plants will help the practitioners to build appropriate crop rotations and innovative control strategies.

More information on the website of BEST4SOIL. A network of practioners, for sharing knowledge on prevention and reduction of soil borne deseases.




Project managerHarm Brinks
ClientHorizon 2020
Durationoktober 2018 - september 2021
Related teamsTeam Projects and Innovations
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