Controlling Plant Balance

The objective of the project “Controlling the plant balance” is to indicate the crop vegetative or generative steering through the use of Natugro. Previous research has shown that Natugro products can better settle in a substrate with more biodiversity. In the current experimental design is, therefore looked at the effect of the substrate in combination with Natugro. For this, coco peat is compared with rock wool. In the first part of the greenhouse compartment there is a vegetative control of the plant, a generative steering in the second part of the greenhouse compartment. In both compartments, the two substrates are compared with each other. The third part of the greenhouse is fully stocked with mineral wool and serves as a control factor. In this part there are also four other promising varieties of Hazera on trial. A secondary objective of this project is residue free cultivation. Within this project Koppert and Hazera work together to achieve a good result.

Trial Details
Crop:         Tomato
Race:         HA 27430 (Hazera)
Start:         January 2016
Ending:     November 2016

Koppert Biological Systems