Tomato cultivation under 100% LED lighting

The objective of this project is up to grow below 100% LED lighting, focusing on a high inter production. The exposure is made up of 105 µmol Top-LED and 2 x 53 µmol interlight LED. Within this experiment a new cultivation strategy (lower LAI / stem, more stems per m  ), and a new positioning of the lights are tested above the path.

Project Execution

Cultivation Tomato
Variety Merlice
Rootstock Maxifort
Start Project October 2015

The trial is established by a joint participation of Philips, Monsanto, Delphy and Cultilene. Apart from the individual experiments of the various participants the following is tested:Philips: Growing under 100% LED lighting, with new positioning of the LED light above the path instead of over the crop.
Monsanto: Test different rootstocks in combination with a ranging pruning and leaf cutting policy for Sevance. There is an intensive cooperation to further develop knowledge.