Registrationform Visitors – Delphy ISFC Field Day 09-06-2022

    I herewith register for the International Delphy ISFC Field Day, on Thursday 9 June 2022. Growers and plant propagators can visit the Field Day for a reduced entrance fee € 50,- (incl. VAT), for other interested parties the entrance fee is € 100,- (incl. VAT). This includes lunch and drinks during the entire day.

    Please complete the entire registration form per person.

    After registration you will be immediately forwarded to payment service “Mollie”


    Invoice details


    I am a Grower / Plant propagator € 50,- (incl. VAT 21%)Otherwise € 100,- (incl. VAT 21%)

    Attending Field Day Dinner € 50,- (incl. VAT 9%)
    Attending Field Trip € 35,- (incl. bus transport and lunch / VAT 21%)