Registration International Delphy Soft Fruit Event 2019

    I herewith register for the International Delphy Soft Fruit Event 2019, on Thursday 20. and Friday 21. June 2019. Attending the program is free for our client-growers, you only pay for eventual lunch / dinner. If you are not a Delphy client and grower, price is € 75,= per day excl. lunch / dinner / VAT.

    After registration you will be immediately forwarded to payment service “Mollie”


    Invoice details

    If you don't have a VAT nr you can send a email to:


    I am a Delphy client-growerOtherwise

    Thursday 20. June

    Friday 21. June

    If a check reveals that registration was not correct, the organization afterwards sends you an invoice for business related entrance including € 11.50 administration costs.