Optimal Greenhouse constructions (Study) – Ghana

Description of the project

Study on best solutions for protected vegetable growing in Ghana.

Type of activities carried out

The Ghanaian government is promoting the use of greenhouse production to increase the production of vegetables. Greenhouse production is protecting crops from diseases, fungi and insects and limits the excessive use of pesticide (and water) of vegetable growing. Based on the evaluation of the greenhouse sector the Ghanaian government is looking for improvements as well as for better standards to guide this technology. With support of the Dutch government, Delphy is asked to do a quick study and come up with improvements and recommendations on the greenhouse technology needed in Ghana and a small growing guide for greenhouse-growers. The recommendations of the study contains some technical issues of Greenhouses (on ventilation, construction and materials), but mostly lead to 3 different concepts for government to facilitate, varying from Local concepts, middle (small holder) concepts, to professional retail concept. In every concept possible partners are found and a follow-up will be done.

Starting date: 01-01-2017
Ending date: 17-06-2017
Partners: Holland GreenTech
Financed by: RVO

Project Manager: Arnoud van Boven, a.vanboven@delphy.nl