Empowering women to upscale vegetable and flowers farming (Training) – Burundi

Description of the project

Training local women.

Type of activities carried out

• 8TOTs (training of trainers) will be mentored to be in a position to offer training to the other farmers with an aim of improving productivity, implementing certification requirements.
• The flower growers will be linked to the Flora Holland auction as an outlet of their flowers and should be in a position to export their flowers and should be on the clock.
• Increased incomes to the rural women out of the proceeds from vegetables and flowers.
• Increased production per unit area for both vegetables and flowers.
• Safe and effective use of chemicals should be realized. With the producers fully aware of Pre Harvest Interval (PHI) and its observance.

Starting date: 01-05-2017
Ending date: 31-03-2018
Financed by: Nuffic EP

Project Manager: Arnoud van Boven, a.vanboven@delphy.nl