Biosaline Agriculture (Study) – Egypt

Description of the project

Study on vegetable growing with brackish water for 3 crops (open field and greenhouses)

Type of activities carried out

The sweet water reserves are decreasing fast. The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will effect the water flow to Egypt by an expected 40% decrease. Other reserves in Egypt are affected by salinization. For food growing, the expectations are very bad, lacking one of the major inputs. Studies have shown it is possible to grow vegetables with brackish water. With this preliminary study, the consortium including the local organisations, will advise on a full (technological and cultivation) methodology to grow 3 different crops, without highly expensive purifying equipment. The study will be followed up by a commercial implementation programme.

Starting date: 20-05-2017
Ending date: 31-12-2017
Partners: Salt Farm Texel, Nectaerra, IV-water, Cedare, NWRC, DRC
Financed by: RVO and partners

Project Manager: Eric van Zandwijk,