Presentations Delphy ISFC Field Day 2022

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Seminar Sustainable Soft Fruit

  1. Resilient Cultivation System Strawberry
    Johanna Bac-Molenaar – Researcher Plant Health, Wageningen University and Research, BU Greenhouse Horticulture
  2. Combined control of white fly and Aphids with non-common use of beneficials in Strawberries
    Arno Hellemons – IPM and Pollination Specialist, Biobest Netherlands
  3. How to grow greenhouse strawberries energy efficient
    Barry Dorrestijn – Senior Advisor Strawberry, Delphy
  4. Sustainability of substrates in the Softfruit industry: More than just carbon footprint
    Eric Boot – Sales & Advice Soft Fruit, Kekkilä-BVB

Seminar Blueberry Cultivation

  1. Soil improvement and suitable additives in blueberry cultivation
    Alfred-Peter Entrop – Co worker Projekt blueberries, Obstbauersuchsring des Alten Landes e.V
  2. Blueberry market in Northwestern Europe
    Sep Vestjens – Sales Representative, Fall Creek Farm & Nursery S.L.U.
  3. Future of blueberry
    Adri Streef – Soft Fruit consultant & economist, Delphy
  4. The future of harvesting: Creating a sustainable solution to market challenges
    Marcel Beelen – Director, Finefield

Seminar High-tech Cropping & artificial lighting

  1. Light Use Efficiency
    Leon Lansbergen – Horticulture Specialist, FLUENCE
  2. Continuous production under LED with fresh Junebearers
    Vera Theelen, Researcher Soft Fruit, Delphy
  3. Energy efficient LED application in winter strawberry cultivation
    Peer Hermans, Plant Specialist, Signify
  4. Technology for a predictive, scalable cultivation
    Teus Jan de Jong, Program Manager Plantonomy and
    Thomas Hoeterickx, Product Marketing Robotics, Priva | Octinion