20 May 2016

Open day at the Delphy Improvement Centre

The Delphy Improvement Centre facilitates in the execution of variety trials. With great care the cultivation and climate is controlled based on a reference variety. The work is conducted specifically per variety to optimize each reflected variety. Depending on the requirements, objective records such as crop development, production, Brix, etc. is measured. The subjective assessment of the varieties is left to the product specialists and breeders themselves, as we are not familiar with the genetic background of the races.

Currently a varieties trial on tomato of both Hazera and Sakata is carried out in a section of 1000 m2. These parties will initiate open days on their own initiative where the varieties can be reviewed by growers. Should you desire to visit these trials please don’t hesitate to contact:

Hazera – Geert van der Wel:
+31 6 34 59 45 16

Sakata – Pieter Vermeulen:

+31 6 53 73 01 88


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