17 March 2022

Van der Knaap Group innovation partner Delphy ISFC

Van der Knaap and Delphy join forces

Van der Knaap Group offers professional horticulture suitable solutions in the field of natural rooting and growing media. These are high quality products, such as plugs for the cultivation, sustainable substrate mixtures tailored to specific crops and recently also liquid organic fertilizers, produced by an in-house developed bioreactor. Substrate for soft fruit cultivation is one of the specialisations of Van der Knaap. Our account managers have unique knowledge in this area. In our own test centre ‘de Kas’ research is continuously being carried out and products and innovative cultivation systems for organic cultivation in particular are being developed.

Innovation partner Delphy ISFC

Delphy ISFC is a unique acquisition for the soft fruit sector. For Van der Knaap it is a special opportunity to cooperate with a party that has a lot of knowledge and can do independent research. This cooperation brings the expertise of Van der Knaap in the field of substrates together with the expertise of Delphy in the field of soft fruit crops. With this we obtain good practical data with which we can guide and advise growers in their cultivation situation.

Van der Knaap and Delphy have a common goal: an innovative soft fruit sector. As an industry we are looking for sustainable solutions. By combining our knowledge, we can strengthen each other and deliver added value for soft fruit growers worldwide.


About Delphy ISFC

Delphy Innovative Soft Fruit Centre is the new hotspot of the international soft fruit sector. Delphy ISFC operates as an incubator for knowledge and innovation in soft fruit and also as the meeting point of the sector. In a unique way knowledge development and implementation are brought together on an international scale. Unique because of the connection with the sector and the cooperation with partners. Knowledge implementation is the second important factor. This is expressed through international events, knowledge days and other initiatives where research results are shared.

A special initiative to jointly drive innovation in the soft fruit sector are the ‘innovation partners’ of Delphy ISFC. They invest collectively in projects that contribute to a progressive soft fruit sector. The focus of the Delphy ISFC innovation partners is on themes like resilient cultivation, developing new cultivation strategies, optimising the propagation of soft fruit, cultivation under LED light and digitalisation.


For questions please contact Bart Jongenelen +31 (0)6 53 15 14 12; b.jongenelen@delphy.nl


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