12 May 2017

Upcoming courses in June 2017: Improve the production and efficiency of your greenhouse

Delphy Team Education has been training growers, consultants and investors from all over the world increasing their knowledge on how to improve their individual circumstances thus improving production, quality and efficiency of greenhouse productions worldwide.

What is your story?

We are eager to hear your story and where we can work together towards these improvements. This newsletter outlines the possibilities for courses and trainings in horticulture.

Trainings and Courses in Horticulture

We are offering a wide range of trainings and courses for individuals and groups varying from one day up to one year practical training with coaching.

We are offering the following courses:

Customize your own training!

By designing your own course it is now possible to personalize your own training, where you choose the topics from the list that you would like to have handled. We will assess your selection and make a proposal fitting your individual circumstances. Through mutual consultation the final program is defined and executed. Check out the building stones here.. 


Practical Coached Learning by Doing

The practical internship an individual route to obtain knowledge and skills necessary to become a competent professional in horticulture.

This way of learning by doing is suitable for people who are eager to develop themselves professionally in a practical way. Internships in different companies will help you to identify differences and find out what suits you and your company best. Read more…

Share your story!

If you would like to know more about our approach, feel free to contact Steven Madern. We are eager to hear your story, since that makes our trainings useful for you!


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