8 March 2021

The SDG Project “Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain” is fully in inception phase

The project is subsidised by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (#RVO) and aims to improve the Irish potato value chain from input to end consumption by

  • improving the input side through improved seed potato varieties;
  • demo plots and promotion of GAP;
  • improved productivity of ware potatoes by trainings;
  • improved access to markets for the farmers (processing companies pay premium prices for high quality potatoes);
  • and support to kickstart French fries and crisps production in Uganda.

Delphy BV as the lead consortium partner manages the project. Delphy will bring in its technical agronomic expertise, create synergies and linkages between Ugandan stakeholders and Dutch companies/NGOs, knowledge institutions. Delphy will also establish a Centre of Excellence that can be used for further training and demonstrations and will serve as a basis for Dutch horticulture suppliers of products and services in a.o. the potato value chain; NGO and knowledge institutes to start and expand their activities in the sector. The centre shall be used for demonstration and training, trials and serving as a place connecting the different stakeholders in the value chain.

Kevin de Klonia and Bertken de Leede (Delphy team Africa) visited all consortium partners to discuss the workplan and task division for the inception phase; the baseline requirements and plan of approach; the various formal documents that need to be delivered by the end of inception.  We also tested to baseline survey questionnaire for farmers together with HFF, UNSPPA and KPPIL, and we are ready to conduct the baseline survey among 300 farmers in March and April. A fruitful visit and heads up for the coming months of the inception phase!


The SDG Project “Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain” is fully in inception phase. with all project consortium partners: #Delphy BV, #Hollanda Fair Foods Uganda (HFFU), #Agriterra, #Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Limited,  #Uganda National Seed Potato Producers Association and #NARO Research Institute.


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