20 December 2021

The Potato Roadmap Uganda is released!

The document aims to provide a clear overview of the possible interventions, trade linkages, and (business) opportunities that could be interesting for stakeholders in the (Ugandan) potato value chain. This document focuses on assessing the Ugandan potato value chain for the potential market linkages, potential value addition, and potential introduction of improved agricultural practices and postharvest handling. It gives an overview of the current situation of the potato sector in Uganda, maps the value chain actors, activities, and geographical spread.

This document will provide the dynamics between the demand and supply side. It gives information about the logistics, standards, certification system (laws and regulations) and will identify investment opportunities and possible business partners within Uganda’s potato sector. The document provides clear business opportunities and recommendations for follow up with RVO instruments. Concluding: the potato roadmap aims to provide a hollistic overview of the current challenges and opportunities in the potato sector in Uganda.


The report can be downloaded at the site of RVO


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