15 June 2022

The first Delphy ISFC Field Day is very well visited

Thursday 9 June, Delphy ISFC Field Day was organized for the first time at Delphy ISFC. This event was attended by more than 350 visitors from more than 20 different nationalities. The Delphy ISFC Field Day is aimed at interactive knowledge transfer and bringing together the international soft fruit network. Following on from this successful first edition, the next Delphy ISFC Field Day has now been confirmed. This will take place on Thursday June 8, 2023 at Delphy ISFC.

Delphy ISFC is a research location for soft fruit, which has been fully operational since 1 July 2021. Delphy ISFC functions as a breeding ground for knowledge and innovation in soft fruit and also as the ‘living room’ of the international soft fruit sector. On an international scale, we bring together knowledge development and knowledge dissemination in a unique way. In this way, Delphy ISFC forms a bridge between research, innovation and practice.

Unique way of knowledge distribution

The Delphy ISFC Field Day program consisted of three pillars. First of all, the organization of thematic seminars. The three seminars focused on making soft fruit more sustainable, growing blueberries and lighting & high-tech cultivation. The seminar program was provided by twelve international speakers and accompanied by three day chairmen. After each presentation there was room for questions from the audience. All seminars are well attended with 100-150 visitors per seminar.
Organized tours in the greenhouse departments of Delphy ISFC gave the opportunity to visit the various tests under glass. In addition, the outdoor fields (covered substrate crops) with blueberries, raspberries and strawberries were freely accessible. This brings a unique and practical addition to the knowledge transfer and discussion, which strengthens the connection between research and practice.

Finally, there was an expo where more than 40 companies showed their knowledge, innovation and products. There was plenty of room at the expo to network, see new developments and further discuss the presentations, trials and other developments in soft fruit.
Field Trip

Friday 10 June, visitors to the Delphy ISFC Field Day had the opportunity to join the Field Trip. Leading companies in the production and cultivation of soft fruit were visited during the Field Trip. In total, almost 90 visitors to the Delphy ISFC Field Day went on a Field Trip. The companies Genson, Thwan van Gennip, Verkuijlen Groente en Fruit and Van den Elzen Plants were visited in an organized tour.



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