4 February 2022

Robotization day 13 October 2022

Delphy and Vollegrondsgroente.net organize the third Robotization Day.

Are you a supplier of such an innovative machine or do you know the parties who are working on this, come and see us how we can show the possibilities on 13 October with which the sector can lighten, facilitate and accelerate the often labor-intensive work.

Automatically a robotization day on 13 October

There are many developments going on in the sector of arable farming and field vegetables in the field of robotization; machines that are being improved, start-ups that already have their first practical experiences behind them and innovations and innovations that still dream of a demonstration in practice .
We are going to offer this opportunity this year on Thursday, October 13 at the open field in Southeast Netherlands. During this day we will focus on three parts

  • Demonstrating working robots in the field of tillage;
  • Demonstrating working robots in the field of crop care (hoeing, site-specific crop protection, etc.);
  • * Demonstrating new high-tech robots in combination with the application of crop data.

In 2020, the first Robotization Day was organized where six robots were present that gave a first insight into what is possible in the field of mechanical operations and autonomous crop operations. Last year we organized the Robotization Day for the second time on the same field with this time twice as many robots and mechanization; machines practice mature, already active in daily work and start-ups that went home with more knowledge.


Wim van Tilburg, +31 (0)6 12 06 99 46; w.vantilburg@delphy.nl

Stefan Michiels + 31 (0) 6 29 45 19 01, s.michiels@delphy.nl




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