12 December 2018

Online course Mushrooms (SPOC)

Various questions are asked along the mushroom cultivation path towards optimising operational management and profitability. What shape will my building plans be taking in the coming years? Which crop protection agents can I use? How can I organise my harvesting activities best? What do I do about certification?

What can you expect

The e-learning course consists of 8 modules. Each module consist of short lectures, live chats with the course teacher, a platform to chat with fellow course members, knowledge tests and assignments. You have to pass a level before you can start with the next level. During the course you are able to put in your actually cultivation process by photos, graphs and figures. Together with the course teacher the cultivation will be analyzed for future improvements. The course content is primarily related to practical applications and more complex theoretical content is only added when absolutely necessary. At the end of the course you will have a clear view how to grow mushrooms, which processes are important for good results in yield and quality. You are able to determine, measuring and improving your cultivation outcomes and performance indicators.

Course content per module:

1. Introduction

  • Working in an online course/environment
    Introduce yourself and your company
    Your background about the cultivation of edible mushrooms

2. Cultivation schedule

  • Overview
  • Different growing systems/Cultivation systems
  • Different phases in mushroom growing

3. Raw materials/resources

  • Composting, raw materials & phase 1,2 & 3
  • Spawn carriers and spawn strains
  • Casing soil
  • Supplements

4. Cultivation

  • Cultivation steps & handling
  • Climate and technical requirements
  • Harvesting and product handling
  • Hygiene and crop protection

5. Management

  • Strategy and monitoring performance indicators
  • Human Resource management & Certification
  • Sustainability & Innovations in mushroom industry
  • Markets & chains, Consumer behavior & trends

About this course

The course is meant for people who are involved in mushroom production all over the world and want to learn more about all the aspects of mushroom production from composting, cultivation, harvesting and management of a mushroom company.  The Dutch mushroom growers and supplying (technical) companies have many years of experience and knowledge  that we now want to share with the world.


€ 450,- (excl VAT)


The course is at bachelor’s level.


The course starts in 2019. Final date soon to be announced.

Course duration

The entire program consists of 8 modules with an average study load of 3 hours per module.


After successful completion of all modules, you will receive a certificate of attendance for the e-learning course Mushrooms from Delphy and HAS University of Applied Sciences.


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