11 December 2020

Official kick-off SDGP program innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain

Last week, Delphy together with the other partners Stichting Agriterra, Hollanda Fairfoods Uganda, Kisoro Potato Processing Industries Ltd, Uganda National Seed Potato Producers Association and NARO-KAZARDI organized the official kick-off launching the Sustainable Development Goals Partnership program “Innovating the Ugandan Potato value chain”. This program is aiming to contribute by strengthening the value chain for a more food secure Uganda and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (managed by RVO).

Innovating the Ugandan Potato Value Chain is a 4-year project that is designed to create a connected and efficient market driven seed and ware potato value chain in Uganda, including the implementation of two additional potato processers. The Ugandan potato value chain suffers from several inefficiencies, diverging interests from key stakeholders and weak linkage between the seed and ware potato value chain. The purpose of the project is to create a market driven, interconnected and economically viable seed and ware potato value chain from farmer to processing industry.

Consortium of all actors in the chain
Actors from all positions of the chain have joined forces in this consortium to address key weaknesses and build upon mutual strengths to increase the efficiency of the value chain in the benefit of all actors. The purposes of this project are linked to the Sustainable Development Goal ‘Sustainable value chains’, which will be the leading theme in this whole project.

Stronger, more linked chain
The plan developed will take four years in total, in which four key outcomes and outputs will have the focus. First of all, the project aims to increase availability of traceable high-quality seed potatoes; secondly, to create innovative value addition by collaborating with local processors; next, to work towards a market driven agriculture as a business; and lastly, to reduce post-harvest losses by i.e. investing in storage facilities.

For more information on the project, please contact our project manager in Uganda: Kevin de Klonia (k.deklonia@delphy.nl)


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