3 December 2020

Nematodes and soilborne pathogens caught in database of Best4Soil

The live run of the nematode and soilborne pathogens control database took place on November 30, 2020. The database is available in 22 European languages; at www.best4soil.eu. Within the European H2020 thematic network Best4soil, a lot of work has been done to collect as much scientific information as possible about nematodes and soilborne pathogens and to make this unique knowledge accessible in a structured way through a Decision Support System (BO

In Best4Soil a European team of researchers has collected information on the host plant status of 135 soilborn pathogens for 48 crops and green manures and cover crops. The information is freely available. You can choose your crops and green manures, make a selection of the soilborn pathogens that are present on your farm and then see at a glance which crops are at risk of damage and which pathogens are being propagated by the crops. This information can be useful when choosing a green manure crop and depending on the chosen green manure crop may or may not cause possible damage to the crop due to high nematodes and fungal pressure”. By applying the latter information, the use of crop protection products can be avoided as much as possible and thus save costs and the environment. How the developed tools can be used can be viewed as an instruction video on the project website.

Growers can still register for the online workshop on soil health on 10 or 11 December (https://www.best4soil.eu/meetings/34). In this free workshop topics such as crop rotation, green manure (in relation to crop rotation), nematodes and soil diseases will be discussed.

This database for combating soilborne pathogens and nematodes is groundbreaking for 20 arable crops, 29 vegetable crops and 21 green manures. Project leader Harm Brinks (Delphy) first appointed the updated version of the nematode database www.aaltjesschema.nl which was already known in the Netherlands. In addition, the database for soilborn pathogens is new and directly accessible in 22 languages. It contains unique information on susceptibility and multiplication of nematodes and soilborn pathogens in combination with green manure and cover crops.All information can be found on https://www.best4soil.eu/database with also videos and fact sheets about other soil health measures. Follow our media channels vi
WUR-Open teelten en Delphy zijn de Nederlandse partners in Best4Soil. It is an European project on the theme of soil health.


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