27 November 2020

Launch of the “AgroFossilFree” project

Strategies and technologies to achieve a European Fossil-energy-free agriculture

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 Global agriculture mainly relies on fossil resources for covering most of its energy needs and supporting agricultural productivity in both open-field crop production and controlled environment agricultural constructions. The high fossil fuel use and the deterioration of natural carbon sinks have been related with the anthropogenic impact causing climate change. Novel technologies and strategies related to more sustainable energy production and use have been developed by industry and research entities. The EU farmers, however, especially the large number of small and medium producers have limited access to this information.

 To tackle this issue, the AgroFossilFree project was launched in October 2020 with the aim of creating a framework to cooperate to evaluate and promote the currently available Fossil-Energy-Free Technologies and Strategies (FEFTS) in EU agriculture. It aims to decrease the use of fossil energy in any farming process from cradle-to-farm gate, while maintaining yield and quality of the end-product. It will also promote effective exchange of novel ideas and information between research, industry, extension and the farming community.

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