21 September 2017

Latia grows stronger with new Partners: Agritech Solutions Ltd and Delphy Groep BV join Latia as shareholders

In Africa, and particularly in Kenya, both agriculture and horticulture are developing rapidly. There is a great need for the development and implementation of knowledge. The Latia Resource Center (LRC) located in Isinya, Kenya, is addressing this rapidly increasing demand for knowledge and skills by offering practical training and advise to farmers and agribusinesses. The training and advice includes relevant local knowledge and is geared towards the real challenges farmers and agribusinesses are facing in Kenya and surrounding countries.

In order to scale up the provision of training and business support services to farmers and agribusinesses in Africa, LRC formed a new company called Latia Agribusiness Solutions Limited (LAS www.latiaresourcecenter.org). LAS’ mission is to modernize agriculture and improve food and income security in Africa through practical training, adequate dissemination of knowledge and technology and the provision of business support services to farmers and agribusinesses. For this to happen, LRC has invited new investors to come on board as shareholders in LAS. The joining of Agritech and Delphy as shareholders will strengthen the capabilities of LAS to support farmers and agribusinesses across Africa and create a dynamic knowledge infrastructure. LAS will gain access to a large pool of expertise and innovative developments in the field of agriculture and horticulture, relevant to Africa. This will help LAS to accelerate the knowledge development and implementation from a local (Kenyan and African) perspective, adding the strengths of te new shareholders.

Agritech Solutions Ltd is a subsidiary of Eclectics International a software company that works in banking automation in 24 countries in Africa and with over 200 major banks. Eclectics is one of the companies in Atlantis Group which has interests in Agriculture, Real Estate, Energy and Transportation. Eclectics formed Agritech Solutions to expand its presence in African AgricultureTogether with other Atlantis Group Companies, Agritech innovates on technologies to improve farmers’ access to finance, inputs and markets in Africa. Building on its proprietary ICT technologies and on the extensive network of the Atlantis Group Agritech has an ambitious goal of supporting over 5 million farmers in Africa in five years.

Delphy is a worldwide leading and independent advisory and research partner for the plant sectors. Delphy’s activities are aimed at advice, training, research and projects, both in the Netherlands and abroad. By continuously deploying innovative and contemporary knowledge and services, Delphy creates added value for entrepreneurs. Delphy employs more than 220 advisors, researchers and project leaders and develops practical knowledge by conducting research at several privately owned locations. In this they usually collaborate with partners. For more information, go to www.delphy.nl

In addition to the scaling-up of its training and business support services, LRC will continue its not-for-profit activities such as support programs for the bottom of the pyramid producers and consumers in Africa. Moreover, it will work through LAS in expanding the base of skilled manpower for agriculture and improving incomes and food security in Africa. The involvement of the new shareholders is a major contribution towards this end.

For more information contact

  • Peter Muthee, Managing Director Latia, e-mail: petermuthee@latiaresourcecenter.org, or Phone: +254722203396
  • Arnoud van Boven, Manager Team Africa Delphy, e-mail a.vanboven@delphy.nl, or Phone: +31 626552653

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