2 October 2020

How to optimise plant growth in vertical farms

Lisanne Meulendijks, Researcher at Delphy Improvement Centre, Mike Zelkind. Cofounder and CEO 80 Acres Farms and Mariska Dreschler from Greentech discuss the latest insights in Vertical Farming.

  • Climate control in vertical farms
  • What have we learned from the transition from conventional farming to vertical farming
  • What should you optimise in your vertical farm
  • Difference between horticulture and a vertical farm
  • The impact of wind and lights
  • Plant processes, how can you optimise this in vertical farms
  • Which innovations are needed in vertical farming
  • The necessity of interdisciplinary approaches to reach common goals in vertical farming

You can watch the video, or listen to the audio on one of Greentech’s podcast platforms »

Source: Greentech.nl


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