28 July 2021

Haifa Group innovation partner Delphy ISFC

‘Together you go further’

The Haifa Group is a well-known name in the agricultural sector. Product names such as Multi-K (potassium nitrate), Poly-Feed™ and Soluplant™ (NPK fertilizers) MyMultifeed™ (customer specific compositions in big bags), Multicote™ (controlled-release fertilizers) and Haifa Cal™ prime (highly concentrated calcium nitrate) fit in well with the high demands from the soft fruit sector.
The Haifa team thinks and moves along with the grower and works from customer-specific concepts to achieve the grower’s aim: resilient crop, better yield and higher return.

Innovation partner Delphy ISFC

Haifa’s slogan and motto ‘Pioneering the Future’ fits in perfectly with Delphy ISFC. With the partnership, Haifa joins Delphy ISFC and its other innovation partner to fulfil the mission of enabling higher return for the grower. Willem-Jan de Kort and Pieter van Dongen, who work at Haifa North West Europe: ‘By entering into the partnership with Delphy ISFC, we expect, together with the soft fruit sector, that the product range will be even better aligned to meet the challenges of the future: resilient growth, efficient use of fertilizers and water, and others. With the introductions of the biostimulant portfolio (HaifaStim™) and customer-specific micro nutrient mixes (HaifaMicroMix™), great steps have been taken in 2021 towards more sustainable and efficient cultivation. By the end of 2021 we shall introduce our next advance in the field of controlled release nutrition, the Multicote™ Premier range to exceed the ever increasing demands of our customers.’

About Delphy ISFC

Delphy Innovative Soft Fruit Centre is the new hotspot of the international soft fruit sector. Delphy ISFC operates as an incubator for knowledge and innovation in soft fruit and also as the meeting point of the sector. In a unique way knowledge development and implementation are brought together on an international scale. Unique because of the connection with the sector and the cooperation with partners. Knowledge implementation is the second important factor. This is expressed through international events, knowledge days and other initiatives where research results are shared.

A special initiative to jointly drive innovation in the soft fruit sector are the ‘innovation partners’ of Delphy ISFC. They invest collectively in projects that contribute to a progressive soft fruit sector. The focus of the Delphy ISFC innovation partners is on themes like resilient cultivation, developing new cultivation strategies, optimising the propagation of soft fruit, cultivation under LED light and digitalisation.



For questions please contact Bart Jongenelen, +31 (0)6 53 15 14 12; b.jongenelen@delphy.nl


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