28 March 2022

Green knowledge digitized with Delphy

With ‘green digitization’ Delphy digitizes from the plant’s perspective how it responds to its environment and the cultivation actions that are carried out. To optimize cultivation and make green knowledge more scalable.

QMS (Quality Management System)

Data is becoming increasingly important in all plant sectors. New techniques make it possible to collect and exchange data more easily and quickly. In addition, more and more sensors are available that measure crop development and important environmental factors. Delphy Digital uses this data to develop and apply smart solutions for your crop and farm management. Data-driven models and systems translate data into concrete advice and actions for the optimization of your cultivation process. That’s why Delphy has developed QMS®, crop-specific solutions that help optimize your cultivation.

Green thumb

Cultivation is “common” for a grower, a farmer. Growing a product as beautiful and profitable as possible, adjusting during the cultivation, is normal for such a farmer and grower who have mastered this process for many years; their “green thumb” control the growth factors during a cultivation. With QMS Delphy captures this green knowledge in computer models. In QMS these models are included, crop measurements, environmental factors and sensor data are combined and converted into cultivation advice. Hereby QMS makes green fingers available to everyone!

Contact details

All the above mentioned QMS applications are developed and managed by Team Delphy Digital. Would you like to learn more about one or more of the QMS? And, how this will affect your operations? Please contact the cultivation engineers of Delphy Digital


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