29 April 2022

Good Agricultural Practises in common beans value chain

Delphy team Africa leads the project: Good Agricultural Practises in common beans value chain in collaboration with Mbala District Cooperative Union (North Zambia) and Holland Greentech, with the financial support of RVO.

This project is a follow up on a NUFFICOKP TMT project. Focus is on the capacity building (knowledge and skills) of 20 lead farmers and 4 extension officers from 20 different camps in Senga Hills and Mbala district.

The Lead farmers received a hands-on practical training including the establishment of demonstrations fields. Four different varieties of high quality beans seeds have been distributed to the participating lead farmer.

Seed providers are BakkerBrothers and GoodNatureAgro. Soil tests were done of the farmers fields, and the test results shared and explained. Together with the training, the lead farmers feel inspired and have immediately started to establish their own demonstration fields. The rains are supportive and the farmers are motivated and capacitated.

Aim of this project is to show in a practical learning by doing way to 400 farmers what the impact of GAP on beans productivity can be. The baseline data show a beans productivity of 500kg/ha, and we expect that this can easily be doubled if farmers apply GAP.

For more information please contact Bertken de Leede, b.deleede@delphy.nl of Team Africa.


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