10 March 2021

Global Tomato Congress. 16 March, 1200h TECH-SAVVY TOMATOES

Joris Mulders, expert Tomato and Max van den Hemel, cultivation engineer, both from Delphy tell you more about data driven cultivation management at the Global Tomato Congress. 16 March, 1200h scheduled in the programm TECH-SAVVY TOMATOES about Digitalization in Tomatoes. https://www.globaltomatocongress.com/programme

And also about “the way to digital green fingers“. This trial is monitored by Alex van Klink and Lisanne Helmus-Schuddebeurs at Delphy improvement centre. Participating in #groenevingers are also @2Grow, @De Ruiter Seeds, @Hazera Seeds, @Signify Lighting Academy @AgroEnergy, @Wageningen Plant Research @Svensson Climate Screens

GTC21, organised bij @FruitnetLive focuses on the future, concentrating on the modernisation of fresh tomato supply chains.
#datadriven #horticulture #greenhouse #autonomous #dashboard #improvementcentre #autonoomtelen #datagedreven #adviesopstafstand

This project is financially supported by #TTU Topsector Tuinbouw & Uitgangsmaterialen.


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