26 August 2021

Game based learning in horticulture and entrepreneurship

A group of 22 staff members and lecturers of Bayero University Kano-Centre for Dryland Agriculture (BUK-CDA) is participating in the NUFFIC supported TMT+ project: Game based learning in horticulture and entrepreneurship. We apply a blended learning approach, with online international trainers that work hand in hand with a local trainer who stays with the participants. Topics already dealt with: seed multiplication and nursery management; nutrient management; IPM ; Greenhouse management; and entrepreneurship: how to initiate your business. Game based learning “farming forward” is introduced and incorporated in all the training modules, and it is expected that the lecturers will use this horticulture game in the future with their students. Two field visits have been executed to inspiring horticultural projects and horticultural enterprises. In the greenhouse of BUK-CDA, the first cycle of cucumbers has been harvested, sold in the university shop. Tomatoes (open field) are yet to harvested. Hence: nice progress and yet more to come! The blended learning sessions will continue, we are all getting used to it, although we do miss the direct interactions and life practical sessions.
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