5 June 2020

Despite the distance, always involved and close to Asia

Sven Paauwe & Jitse Schöne, both cultivation manager within team Asia, tell in their blog about how you can do your work and still be involved and close to Asia despite the great distance:
“It is a fact we (Sven and Jitse) are no longer able to travel to location due to the circumstances, but that does not mean that we cannot continue to monitor the crops. In fact, it offers opportunities to accelerate the developments in data-driven cultivation and support with the Delphy Dashboard. We have therefore fully focused on this in recent months.

Since the Corona crisis has developed into a global pandemic, travel has become more difficult for everyone, both nationally, internationally and intercontinental. Where it used to be “normal” for Sven and Jitse to be able to travel to intercontinental destinations, to give advice on location, that has now changed.

Curious about their experiences in Asia? Contact them by email. team Asia.


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