16 March 2016

Delphy successfully executes a training in China

Delphy successfully executes a training in China on greenhouse technology and cultivation in cooperation with China Agricultural Mechanization Association Protected Agriculture Chapter (hereafter called CAMA PA Chapter).

The greenhouse horticulture has been developed tremendously over the last 15 years. The increasing demand on food safety and food security are the driving forces to improve the traditional way of cultivating to become more modern and more efficient. The Netherlands is famous of its high tech greenhouse horticulture worldwide. Developed greenhouse technology, such as climate control, irrigation systems, and management skills, such as crop cultivation strategy, biological control, and labour management in the Netherlands, can be integrated into Chinese conditions to improve the horticulture sector in China.

For the mentioned reason above, CAMA PA, managed by China Academy of Agricultural Engineering, organized an introduction training on greenhouse horticulture which was executed by Delphy in China.

The training took place between the 11th and 15th of January 2016. The training started off with a discussion on greenhouse horticulture development in China, led by agricultural experts from CAAE.

Delphy Education_Training_1

Picture 1. Discussion on greenhouse horticulture development in China

A total of 120 students participated in the training and were led by expert trainer Mrs. Ineke van Meggelen from Delphy.

Delphy Education_Training_2

Picture 2. Greenhouse technology class of the training

Delphy Education_Training_3

Picture 3. Greenhouse cultivation class of the training

During the training, greenhouse design, climate control, irrigation management, crop cultivation, were explained in a very practical way to the participants by the two Dutch trainers.

Delphy Education_Training_4

Picture 4. Ms Ineke van Meggelen in the class

An excursion to a greenhouse in Beijing was organized after the training. This way, students could visit the site with the knowledge that they’ve learned during the training.

Delphy Education_Training_6

Picture 6. Greenhouse excursion after the training

Experiences from the participants after the training:

“This kind of greenhouse horticulture training with practical knowledge is really missed in China and I would like to attend more trainings like this”

“This training was an introduction, I would like to have the follow up training even more in depth about every topic, for example, a detailed training with focus on irrigation”

Based on the experiences of the students, both CAAE and Delphy considered it to be a very successful start-up training. CAAE and Delphy will organize more trainings on each specific topics of greenhouse horticulture and one part of the training taking place in China and one part to take place in the Netherlands. Both trainings will have practical lectures inside the greenhouse.

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