22 April 2016

Delphy organizing training courses around the Greentech

If you are attending GreenTech this summer, you might take the change to combine your trip to the Netherlands with participation of courses enhancing your know-how on topics such as climate, labour management, energy, irrigation, etc.

Delphy is executing these courses around the GreenTech. These courses focus on improving production, raising quality and efficiency of your greenhouse business.

The following two courses will be organized:

Essentials of Greenhouse Management – Vegetables

June 6-10 (Week before the GreenTech)
Essentials of Greenhouse Management – Floriculture
June 20-24 (Week after the GreenTech)

The participants subscribing so far are of different countries, which makes it an excellent opportunity to extend your network. Combining the course with a visit to the GreenTech will ensure you are up to date with the latest developments in horticulture vegetable cultivation in the Netherlands.

Check out our website www.delphy.nl/en for more information or any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing your story!


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