21 June 2020

Delphy opens location in Rwanda

Growing activities Delphy in Rwanda

As of June 1, 2020, Delphy has opened its own office in Rwanda. Delphy was already active in Rwanda, but is taking the next step in development by opening its own office.

In particular, due to the growing activities of Delphy in Rwanda, it was necessary to open a own office. In Rwanda, Delphy focuses in particular on improving the potato chain in the Great Lakes region through project management, coördination, training and advice. In addition, further knowledge implementation and expanding capacity in the agricultural sector is an important part of Delphy’s activities in Rwanda.

Delphy Rwanda is located in Kigali (KG 173 St). The daily management of Delphy Rwanda is with Lisette Meulman, she can be reached via l.meulman@delphy.nl or +250 781 055 775 (Whatsapp).


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