13 December 2016

Delphy launches new corporate movie!

The concepts of ‘knowledge development’ and ‘knowledge implementation’ are the core activities of Delphy and are therefore reflected in the movie. The combination of the two have been visualized in our so called ‘ knowledge circle’. (see the attachment). Within this circle it is now visible that knowledge development and knowledge implementation are set in motion for and by our partners.


Shortly summarized the story our corporate movie is telling:

  • Delphy has worldwide subsidiaries and over experts in all sectors
  • Delphy owns practice locations and develops practical applicable know-how from an independent position which is executed by highly qualified experts.
  • Delphy is providing trainings nationally and internationally where theory and practice is combined.
  • The partners of Delphy can now update their knowhow and network on events in all sectors
  • The question of the client is key, we are present locally worldwide and we deploy our knowledge in favour of our partners, through which we use new technologies and ICT.

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