16 February 2022

Delphy ISFC Field Day: a new international Soft Fruit Event in an unique setting

We proudly announce the Delphy ISFC Field Day. This new event will be organized in an unique way, literally in the middle of soft fruit crops and research. This results in a strong connection between knowledge development and knowledge distribution. The event is organized in a practical setting, close to the soft fruit industry. The program will contain three key activities:

Knowledge Development

In June, there are multiple ongoing trials at Delphy ISFC regarding all soft fruit crops. These trials include the greenhouse departments, the tabletops and rain shelters outdoors. Tours will be given several times of the day. During these tours, participants can visit the trials and departments and discuss within the group.

Knowledge Implementation

Multiple seminars will be organized in the conference area. These seminars will be themed as follows:
1. Sustainable soft fruit cultivation
2. Blueberry cultivation
3. High-tech cropping & artificial lighting

Business to business networking

Simultaneously to the presentations we will have a 1600 m2 exhibition. At the exhibition approximately 75 soft fruit related companies and organizations present their newest developments, innovations and services.


The Field Day takes place on Thursday 9th of June 2022 at Delphy ISFC, Kreuzelweg 3b, Horst (The Netherlands).

Field Trip

In addition to the Field Day, the Field Trip will be organized on Friday June 10th 2022. During this Field Trip several interesting and innovative soft fruit growing companies will be visited. Participation is exclusively for Field Day visitors. More information can be found at our website: Information and subscribe Field Day | Field Trip


About Delphy ISFC

Delphy Innovative Soft Fruit Centre (Delphy ISFC) functions as accelerator for knowledge development and innovation in soft fruit but also as the central meeting place of the international soft fruit sector. We bring knowledge development and knowledge implementation together in a unique way on international scale. This way Delphy ISFC connects research, innovation and practice in soft fruit.

Knowledge development

At Delphy ISFC in Horst knowledge is developed specifically for soft fruit. We do this through research and demonstrating innovations and development of knowledge. These activities contribute to an innovative soft fruit sector and help optimization of soft fruit cultivation. This is carried out at our new high-tech greenhouse complex, tunnel systems and on propagation fields.

Knowledge implementation

Delphy ISFC develops new knowledge together with various partners. We share this knowledge at (international) events and knowledge days. Everything we do at Delphy ISFC aims further development the soft fruit sector. We are close to research and practice which offers opportunities to make the connection between research and the soft fruit industry.


For questions please reach out to Bart Jongenelen, Manager Delphy ISFC, +31653151412 | b.jongenelen@delphy.nl


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