26 February 2019

Delphy grows in Africa

Recently, the activities of Delphy Team Africa have expanded rapidly. Especially training, capacity building and consultancy activities grows rapidly. To create the best possible conditions for further acceleration of this growth, and to expand to more countries and activities, Delphy Team Africa will be split in 2 teams per 1st of March 2019:

  • Team Kenya, Egypt and Guinea. This team is managed by Arnoud van Boven, a.vanboven @delphy.nl, T +31 6 26 55 26 53
  • Team Africa (other African countries with focus on South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Ghana). This team is managed by Martine de Jong, m.dejong @delphy.nl, T +31 6 26 54 44 07

The growth is given shape along three lines:

  • Growth in core activities (knowledge development and knowledge implementation) in countries where local Delphy staff is present (Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and Ethiopia)
  • Steady growth of Latia (Kenya), the local centre for development of crop knowledge adaptable in East Africa
  • Growth of local Delphy experts in other African countries

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