2 May 2023

Delphy Academy trains horticulture professionals

Delphy Academy makes expert training courses available for questions from the market

Delphy launched the Delphy Academy in 2021. At its inception, the Delphy Academy focused on the education, training and coaching of new colleagues. Each new Delphy employee is trained within the Delphy Academy to become an expert in his or her field and a professional in the position the new employee will hold within Delphy.

Delphy will also roll out the Delphy Academy to the market. With this, the Delphy Academy is open to external participants.

The Delphy Academy offers high-quality and practically applicable knowledge through various forms of knowledge transfer, such as:
– Cultivation training courses
– Training courses for crop managers
– Plant physiology
– Fertilisation
– Tailor-made training courses
– Training on the Job

These courses are provided by top specialists from Delphy.
With this approach, the Delphy Academy unburdens the client with the training of new employees. At the start, goals are set in which knowledge areas the training is necessary. Based on these goals, a tailor-made training programme is drawn up.

The offer of the Delphy Academy can be found at www.Delphy.nl

For questions, please contact
Arlet Dechering , +31 (0)6 48 15 45 19; e-mail: a.dechering@delphy.nl
Erik Janssen, + 31 (0)6 16 07 76 87; e-mail: e.janssen@delphy.nl


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