16 October 2020

Building high tech in Ghana

The kick off a high tech Greenhouses was this week in Dahwenya.

After a delay of more than 6 months due to covid-19 measures, the construction of the high-tech greenhouse in Dahwenya has started. This week the inventory of materials and the positioning of the greenhouse on the site will be started. The project is now in progress and a high-tech greenhouse will be built. It differs to the current ones in Ghana due to the use of the computer to automate the climate and irrigation system in the newly built greenhouse.

It is only a matter of time before the first vegetables can be freshly harvested. Tomatoes will be grown in January. In this high-tech greenhouse, local farmers and students will be able to further develop their cultivation skills. Research will also be conducted into the possibilities of growing vegetables in the high humidity conditions that characterize Ghana.

The project is a collaboration between the Dutch companies Delphy, Bosman Van Zaal, Ludvig Svensson Ridder Group, Enza Zaden, Koppert Biological Systems, Rijk Zwaan and our Ghanian partner Agri-Impact Consult. With the financial support of Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and support of the ambassy of Accra it is possible to develop this project.

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For questions you can contact Martine de Jong, manager team Afrika Dephy, +31 6 26 54 44 07 ; m.dejong@delphy.nl


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