3 February 2021

“Onward development in Middle East proves possible despite travel restrictions.” Blog Akshay van Klaveren

A company in development

As contradictory as it sounds, a crisis also has positive outcomes. I supervise a high-tech greenhouse vegetable company in the Middle East. This company started four years ago with the cultivation of tomatoes on 5 ha and has now grown to 20 ha. Due to travel restrictions, we were forced early on to start guiding customers in Asia online. This season, for the first time, the company started with 5 ha of bell pepper cultivation. In addition, the company has invested in its own 1 ha propagation greenhouse. An enormous challenge to manage this online!

Successful collaboration

Due to the pandemic, digital innovations such as the Delphy Dashboard and QMS have been developed at an accelerated pace. These digital, interactive platforms centralize all crop related activities. Convenient, because it also allowed the data-driven cultivation to be rolled out quickly. Both the platform and the data-driven cultivation are essential for the successful cooperation between the local team and Delphy.

Follow-up in practice

Three months after the start of the cultivation season, I travelled to this company to meet the team and to see the greenhouse and the plants in real life. And the developments continue. Together with the local team, Delphy is working on upscaling, autonomous cultivation and spin-off.

This way of working together is for me the positive proof that continuing development in times of crisis is still possible!

Delphy expert Asia  Akshay van Klaveren


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