11 January 2016

Delphy continues to build a Dashboard to realize growing from a distance in horticultural sector.

The IDC Online Crop Management helps growers to bridge physical distances. Existing techniques and sensor technologies provide insights from information gathered from a distance.

Delphy is developing a platform to implement the data from the greenhouse into an online digital dashboard (Crop Monitoring System). This is executed in context of the EFRO project*. All known and new information streams which are coming from the greenhouse are implemented in the dashboard. The data is extracted from the climate computer, manual registrations, sensors, etc.

20150930 Lansingerland-8878

Data of the sensors, crop monitoring systems, growth models and energy flows are combined and visualized. In the Control Room this data is transformed into valuable management- and cultivation information for the grower and/or consultant.

The information is translated in such a way that the crop can be monitored and optimized from a distance. With this new tool Delphy is continuing to build distance growing. We expect the Crop Monitoring System to be ready in the beginning of 2016 so it can be validated and tested inside the Improvement Centre. When this proves to be successful this service will be available for growers.

For more information:
Wim van der Ende, Manager SupportDesk, 06 – 10 94 22 25.
David Herlaar, Manager ICT, 06 – 20 13 12 09.

*) This project is partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and the Province of South-Holland.


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