7 April 2020

Strong together during the Corona crisis!

Three weeks of Corona crisis now. Even under these difficult circumstances, our Delphy employees are flexible and customer-oriented. We are proud of that. Everyone is focused on thinking along, communicating and supporting our relationships. Via telephone, e-mail, video calls, the dashboard, chatting or QMS, advisors, project leaders and researchers continue to provide Delphy’s relations and […] Read more…

Digitaal advies Delphy
23 March 2020

From potatoes to fries

In the past three days, together with Thijs Boer of Hollanda Fairfoods, KPPIL and colleague Kevin of Delphy we did a test with the fries line in Kisoro (Uganda). The purpose of the test was identification of possibilities for improvement and potential challenges for producing high quality fries. We are pleased to announce that the […] Read more…

20 March 2020

“Data-driven cultivation management was already high on the agenda”

Aad van den Berg explained in an interview with Annet Breure for Hortidaily As a crop advisor, in spite of Covid-19, you can be important these days. Aad van den Berg, Delphy: “Before our advisers make their visits, we first determine whether they really are welcome. Usually that is not a problem. The advice is […] Read more…

13 March 2020

Meet “The Automators”

With from Delphy Klaas van Egmond, Rens Smith, Sven Paauwe, Koen de Bruijn, YangYang Shi and Joris Mulders. Consultants, Cultivation Engineers and Data Scientists from Delphy participate with 30MHz as team the Automators in the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge. Using the data that is collected in the greenhouse, smart models manage the cultivation to grow a […] Read more…

20 February 2020

Willem van Eldik (62) passed away

Yesterday, Sunday 19 April, we were informed by the unimaginable message that our colleague Willem van Eldik died completely unexpectedly because of a heart failure. Willem turned 62 last March. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the immediate family of Willem, his wife Joke and the children Chris and Renske, their partners and (grand) […] Read more…

23 December 2019

Bridging gaps between science and practice

With the kick-off meeting held from 16th to 17th December 2019 in Hamburg, the project BIOFRUITNET has been officially launched. Focusing on organic pome, stone and citrus fruits, this projects aims to strengthen the competitiveness of European organic fruit production by: 1) Collecting and synthesizing existing practical and scientific knowledge on organic fruit-growing to distribute […] Read more…