24 July 2020

China embraces autonomous greenhouse management

says Sven Paauwe in an interview with Jan Jacob Mekes of © Since the corona crisis has developed as a worldwide pandemic, travelling has become very difficult – whether it’s national, international or intercontinental. Before February, travelling was as normal as going to the supermarket. However, at some point going to the supermarket wasn’t even […] Read more…

13 July 2020

1st harvest of basil; grown without daylight at Delphy Improvement Centre

The first batch of indoor grown basil was harvested at the Delphy Improvement Centre in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. Since May, Lisanne Meulendijks has been working on the development of practical cultivation knowledge for Vertical Farms. Growth factors such as climate, light and irrigation can easily be varied in the test chambers. Cultivation factors The degree […] Read more…

8 June 2020

Precision Agronomy at individual tree level

Delphy Crop and Aurea bring agronomic advice, data analytics, and prescription maps together to add to the bottom line of fruit growers. Over the past few years, substantial efforts have been made to bring together data analytics, precision agronomic applications and GPS controlled machinery to offer customized interventions matching the needs of every individual tree. […] Read more…

7 April 2020

Strong together during the Corona crisis!

Three weeks of Corona crisis now. Even under these difficult circumstances, our Delphy employees are flexible and customer-oriented. We are proud of that. Everyone is focused on thinking along, communicating and supporting our relationships. Via telephone, e-mail, video calls, the dashboard, chatting or QMS, advisors, project leaders and researchers continue to provide Delphy’s relations and […] Read more…

Digitaal advies Delphy
23 March 2020

From potatoes to fries

In the past three days, together with Thijs Boer of Hollanda Fairfoods, KPPIL and colleague Kevin of Delphy we did a test with the fries line in Kisoro (Uganda). The purpose of the test was identification of possibilities for improvement and potential challenges for producing high quality fries. We are pleased to announce that the […] Read more…

20 March 2020

“Data-driven cultivation management was already high on the agenda”

Aad van den Berg explained in an interview with Annet Breure for Hortidaily As a crop advisor, in spite of Covid-19, you can be important these days. Aad van den Berg, Delphy: “Before our advisers make their visits, we first determine whether they really are welcome. Usually that is not a problem. The advice is […] Read more…