International Blueberry Conference 2020

On Tuesday 10. March 2020, Delphy organizes the fourth ‘International Blueberry Conference’ (from 8.30 till 18.00)

This event will unite the many aspects of the European Blueberry industry and create a unique platform for growers and suppliers, advisors and traders.  It is a perfect occasion which offers plenty of network opportunities and the chance to benefit from knowledge and experience from all over the world. A select group of specialists will present lectures in which the many aspects of blueberry growing are included. The language of the presentations during the International Blueberry Conference is English. The main issues will also be translated in German.

Exhibition open from 08.30 until 18.00.
A blueberry/horticulture trade event will also be organized parallel to the presentations. The program includes plenty of time for visitors to attend the company stands. The trade fair will also be open during the lectures, so that visitors can decide which event they prefer to attend.

Field Trip
Modern production- as well as propagation companies will be visited during the field day at the 11th of March (with own transport). We will visit the following companies: Driessen Blueberries, Eijking blueberries, Schrijnwerkers, Blueberry Giant, Fall Creek.

Where to stay?
You will find plenty of hotels in and around Horst/Venlo. We did however agree special conditions with Park Hotel Horst where the Conference will take place. If you want to stay in this hotel, you can make your reservation directly by mail to the hotel at . Use the code “Blueberry Conference” to profit from the special conditions.


Click on the title for the corresponding presentation

Time Speaker Subject
08.30 Arrival of guests and visit exhibition
09.15 Willem van Eldik, Delphy Opening
09.20 Johan Bal, ZLTO Developments in the past and to expect in the coming future with blueberry growing
09.45 Elianne van Esbroeck, Delphy Smart irrigation powered by QMS in blueberries
10.00 Bert Rijk, Dronewerkers Using drones for knowledge about your plantations
10.20 Break + visit exhibition
11.00 Julien Boijmans, Kekkilä-BVB Sustainable blueberry substrate production
11.15 Richard Salvage, Maxstim Maximize blueberry plants ability with the use of Maxstim
11.30 Wim Roosen, Dutch Plantin Growing blueberries on coco-peat
11.45 Willem van Eldik, Delphy Update fertilization and (plant models on) substrates
12.00 Lunch + visit exhibition
13.30 Ronnie Kersten, Fall Creek New generation blueberry varieties
13.50 Miet Boonen , PC Fruit Trial results of new blueberry varieties
14.10 Laura Bishop, Plant Impact Inca-treatments to improve the firmness of blueberries
14.30 Gondy Heijerman, Delphy Delphy blueberry trials:
Inca-treatments to improve the firmness of blueberries
The use of controlled released fertilizer in blueberries
14.50 Break + visit exhibition
15.45 Jacobus Hartman, Tessara Berrisys, laminated sulphur dioxide generating sheet to protect blueberries from postharvest fungal decay, particularly botrytis cinerea
16.05 Dr. Puneet Mishra, Wageningen University Postharvest Technologies and non-destructive measurement to control and monitor blueberry quality
16.25 Willem van Eldik, Delphy Conclusions and fieldtrip
16.30 Break + visit exhibition
18.00 End of the day


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