Green Digitalisation in tomato and cucumber production

Max van den Hemel: “Blog Data Gedreven Advies”

I am Max van den Hemel and working for team Delphy Digital as Cultivation Engineer Greenhouse Vegetables. On a daily basis, my main activities are related to “Green Digitalization”, which we define as measuring and judging the crop in a digital way. I focus on using data from your cultivation to support you as a growers in your strategical, tactical, and operational management decisions. My role is to be the translator in the web of three different aspects in digitalization: domain knowledge, data science and software development. It is the challenge to assist and stimulate you as a grower to implement digitalization in the current cultivation process.

“Over the last years, we developed several models and tools to support growers in optimizing their cultivation and to stimulate a digital transformation in greenhouse horticulture. Examples of this are the Delphy Dashboard, QMS Tomato/Cucumber, the Climate Profiler and the Climate Controller.”

First, we start with making the cultivation strategy by using QMS (Quality Management System). Then, all data sources and models are configured and presented in the Delphy Dashboard. If everything is set up correctly and a certain test period is over, step by step we take over the controls in the greenhouse towards a fully autonomous climate and irrigation control. In the operational phase, we as Delphy Digital monitor the cultivation on distance based on the information in the Dashboard. Your people are responsible for the crop registrations and the management of labour. Especially in times with COVID-19, where we as Delphy are not able to be present on location, this shows the potential of autonomous growing and consultancy on distance. So, Green Digitalisation can make you as an organisation less dependent of green fingers and the role of a grower will become more scalable.”

“All these components integrated together will bring us to autonomous greenhouse management. Delphy takes the position to translate data into decisions, where the plant is leading. The data can come from several suppliers and the decisions or actions go to control systems.

You can watch my complete presentation on the Delphy youtube channel to learn more about the development of Delphy and Delphy Improvement Centre in data-driven cultivation management. The world and our sector are changing. Delphy, and young people working in this field like me and my co-presenter and colleague consultant Joris Mulders, want to not only cope with this change, but actually lead in it. Seizing new opportunities and redefining the tomato industry.

In the second half of this year we are planning to start a new round of pilots with a group of tomato and cucumber growers. So, if you are interested in data-driven growing, please join us and contact me ( or +316 22705379).

Max van den Hemel, Delphy Cultivation Engineer Delphy Digital vegetables