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Launching our new name and logo!

Delphy is the new name of DLV Plant and GreenQ!

Over the last couple of year DLV Plant has grown significantly and developed many new activities. The merging of DLV Plant and GreenQ, combined with our increased activities and the changing market conditions was the reason for our new name: Delphy!

In classical antiquity “Delphi” was the place where people met with questions about crops, fertility and harvest. For today and the future Delphy is your partner that develops knowledge about crops, cultivation methods and production, implements and shares.

Delphy stands for Worldwide Expertise for Food & Flowers. Delphy has the ambition to be leading in knowledge and expertise for our clients and partners worldwide.

De experts van Delphy blijven dezelfde personen:  vertrouwd, deskundig en  onafhankelijk. De teams van hooggekwalificeerde experts bieden zekerheid, deskundigheid en onafhankelijkheid.

The worldwide agricultural sector is on the move. The demand for a high quality knowledge level is increasing rapidly. Both in the Netherlands as well as internationally. Delphy is working on the future through:

  1. Knowledge development: Delphy is focusing to be initiating and guiding and making the developed knowledge applicable in practice.
  2. Knowledge implementation and personalization: Transferring knowledge and skills is a personal matter. The teams of Delphy make it possible to maximize the knowledge availability.
  3. Internationalization: Delphy is answering the international demand by starting local subsidiaries or cooperation’s in new markets. This way new knowledge is also coming back to the Netherlands.

With the new name Delphy we are available to our clients and partners, now and in the future!