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Annual Dutch Onion Day 2016: “New insights”

A large range in the growth and yield of onions qualifies 2016. Next to good plots there are also many plots affected by hail and flooding. In the past five year good quality was not a quarantee. However, last year was a record in exports; to continue this position, remaining a stable, good quality is necessary.


How can we improve, where can we adjust? The yield is important, but the quality has to be seen as the main point. During our themes of recent years “advance and precision” and “quality comes first”, it showed that the quality of the onion is very important in order to maintain export to existing and new markets.


Therefore we should continue to innovate! Are there new methods to improve quality? Then we should welcome these oportunities. “New insights” is the theme of the OnionDay 2016. We kindly invite you to visit our numerous fieldtrials at the UIKC.

The OnionDay 2016 opens her doors on Thursday, August 25th.We again succeeded to create interesting fieldtrials, in cooperation with various agricultural companies and business partners. It is of great importance to interpret and communicate the results of these innovative studies correctly to the entire onion sector. An important moment for this communication is our annual OnionDay, already our 15th edition. On this day the new varietycatalog from the chain-driven research will be presented. Naturally, there are guided tours on the field demonstrations, and there is opportunity for everyone to meet in the tent.

Themes OnionDay

  1. Variety comparison
  2. Prevent Botrytis Neck Rot
  3. Effects of spraying with different size of droplets and spraying techniques (as WingSprayer)
  4. Harvesting techniques
  5. Row-application of phosphate with i.o. physiostart, powerstart and quickstart
  6. Sprout control
  7. Trips management
  8. Weed control
  9. Fertilizing-strategies with phosphate, potash and nitrogen
  10. Weed-potato control with Crown MH
  11. Yield- and qualityloss, caused by hail
  12. Onion fly control
  13. Foliar fertilizers
  14. UAN application
  15. Yield Monitoring System on harvestmachine


Please contact Luc Remijn
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M l.remijn@delphy.nl
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