Quality Management System (QMS)

Delphy has developed the QMS for the cultivation of:

  • Rose
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Tomato
  • Plant juices
  • Lilies
  • Strawberry under glass

QMS is company specific and quantifiable advice possible

From the cultivation practice is a growing demand for more company specific and quantifiable advice. Delphy has developed the Quality Management System (QMS®). Using this system a grower can work with their consultant framing a target on the basis of figures and specially developed type and breed-specific growth models. This offers many possibilities.

What is QMS?

By combining literature research and practical information can be developed very specific crop or variety-specific calculation models. QMS is a program in which all knowledge of cultivation and different calculation models have been merged into a large crop growth model.

With QMS you can create company-specific budgets. The premise is that a plant reacts according to a strict instructions. For example, a certain amount of light is reflected in a corresponding amount of dry matter. A good mathematical model can determine exactly what the effect on production. The cultivation and crop-specific predictions you can make with your advisor, based on company data, climate settings, production data, long-term average outside data etc. By combining these data creates a production budget and planning. You also have to send a QMS tool with which to calculate various cultivation measures on their effect on the yield and quality of your crop.

Better control

Based on the cultivation and yield predictions made a grower can make better decisions with QMS to optimize the growth of his crop. Controlling the production and decision-making occurs in daily practice much on sentiment. With QMS can send a grower based on figures. Also Delphy consultants can use it to support their opinions. So cultivation is optimized.
Within the program there is also the possibility of data to compare your business with other participating companies. You can also grant rights to other persons who may follow this registration.


Want to know more about QMS or to make an appointment for an consultancy visit, please contact the colleagues of Team Delphy Digital